Efficiently Restore Lost Data from Android Devices

Android is an operating system that is mainly used for mobile devices as phones, smart phones, tablets etc. It is a Linux kernel based OS that is developed by Open Handset Alliance that is led by Google. This is a advanced OS that is featured with numbers advanced technology that will make it easy for the users to operate the gadgets and store all the memorable moments. Been the most advanced and powerful gadgets there are certain situations that might result in the corruption of data. Here are the list of some possible reasons that might result in the corruption :

  • Accidental Deletion,
  • Formatting,
  • Power Surge,
  • Hardware or software malfunction,
  • Virus Infection, and many other reasons.

These reasons may result in the corruption of Android device and make the data in-accessible. The best solution that might result in the recovery of data is by creating a backup. Backup would turn out as a great solution when the system meets some disastrous situations and makes the stored data in-accessible. Having an updated backup for all the stored data will make it easier to format the system or perform the other process for recovery. But data loss could come out as a devastating situations when the user don't have an updated backup, in this case data can be only recovered using the third party recovery tool. This is the only way that can result in the recovery for the lost and corrupted data.

The Android Data Recovery Software is the most advanced and powerful recovery tool that is equipped with numbers of advanced features and technology to retrieve the lost, deleted and corrupted data in an efficient way. This is a highly advanced recovery tool that will throughly scan the system and restore all the lost data and make them accessible once again. There are also numbers of advanced feature added to the software in addition that will perform the recovery of the lost data in more effective way. But the best part about this recovery utility is that it comes with a very interactive and user-friendly interface that will make it easier for the users from professionals as well as novice to easily operate the software and perform the recovery. It also supports the recovery from all the different devices as LG Optimus G Android Phone, HTC One X Android Phone, Motorola Droid Razr Maxx HD etc.

User Guide : How to Use This Software

Step 1-First you need to Lauch the application.

In the user Interface, you will find menu bar, toolbar, tree structure, main are and log Window. You can view the CD/DVD in the tree view if it contains the CD/DVD. In the system the physical disk which contains of two or more logical drives can be lost due to reaosns like virus intrusion or the power sabotage. You can easily recover data using software lost from physical drive.

Step 2: To restore lost or corrupted data of android phone.

If you have Android 3.0 to 4.1 then enable USB debugging by the following ways:-Enter settings, then click on “Developer options”, After that select USB debugging.

If you have Android 4.2 or its new version then enable USB debugging by the following ways:-Enter settings, Click on About phone, Tab on build number until getting the “you are developer mode”, Go back to your settings, Click developer option and then select USB debugging.

Step 3:After USB debugging, Click on Start button.

If Allow button is not working then check your device and again allow for scan.

Step 4 :-After data scanning, you can preview your all recoverable data found in your scan result . Recover data from android phone.


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